Breastfeeding, feeding the baby

Marmailles Plus expands its range of accessories to help you breastfeed and feed baby, even after the dietary diversification. You will love the meal time!

Breastfeeding Pads

Disposable Marmailles Plus breastfeeding pads absorb milk leaks that can occur between two feedings. Ideal to stay dry and avoid staining your clothes!
Ultra-absorbent, anti-irritation, comfortable and discreet, they have a self-adhesive strip for a perfect fit.

240 ml feeding bottle with handles

3 months and older.
The Marmailles Plus feeding bottle has handles that baby can hold on its own. A medium flow teat is provided with the bottle.

Stackable dosing box, 3 compartments

Simplify your outings with baby! The Marmailles Plus dosing box consists of three individual containers which screw onto each other: you take only the doses of milk you need, safely. Each compartment is provided with a cover and a pouring spout for ease of use.

Feeding bottle pack + dosing box

The convenient kit to feed baby everywhere with ease!
It includes a dosing box of milk (3 airtight compartments with pouring spout which screw onto each other) and 2 feeding bottles with handles (medium flow teat) to help your child hold it on its own.

Physiological teats for feeding bottles

From 3 to 12 months and 12 months and +
Marmailles Plus physiological teats have a natural shape, designed to mimic the breast of the mother.


They adjust to all feeding bottles.

Bisphenol A free and PVC free.


Pack of 2

Combined steamer and blender

The Marmailles Plus combined steamer / blender helps you prepare your baby’s food with ease! Comes with many accessories, it will allow you to:
– Sterilise feeding bottles of all sizes,
– Steam, up to 500g of food,
– Mix or chop, up to 400g of food,
– Warm and thaw quickly.



700 W of heating power/span>
Digital control panel with automatic stop
Beep at end of cycle