Marmailles Plus diapers for all babies

Why choose Marmailles Plus diapers?

The Marmailles Plus diapers, it's quality, up to 40% cheaper* !

You be the judge:

  • Double anti-leak barrier

    Double anti-leak barrier

    All diapers are fitted with two comfortable elastics at the crotch, which act as a second leak-proof barrier.

  • Super absorbent

    Super absorbent

    Our diapers use premium quality cellulose to guarantee maximal protection and absorption.

  • Repositionable fasteners

    Repositionable fasteners

    The fasteners of Marmailles Plus diapers are repositionable, allowing you to open and close at will.
    Flexible, they do not hurt babies and ensure their comfort.

  • Adjustable waist

    Adjustable waist

    We equipped our diapers with an elastic at the back so that they fit all babies’ body types.

  • Over 15 control points

    Over 15 control points

    For the safety of your child and your serenity, the Marmailles Plus diapers undergo strict bacteriological, chemical and toxicological control checks. This is what ensures clean buttocks without any redness.

  • Warranty without PAH

    Warranty without PAH

    Our layers are devoid of any substance recognized as toxic and the most ecological possible in the choice of materials and manufacturing processes.

* Compared to prices collected in supermarkets on similar items.

A complete range don't contains of the 26 allergenic substances in the European cosmetic regulation

From 1 to 2.5 KG

Size XS, Available in packs of 36 diapers

From 3 to 5 kg

Size S, available in packs of 20 or 50 diapers

From 4 to 9 kg

Size M, available in packs of 20 or 50 diapers

From 8 to 12 kg

Size L, available in packs of 20 or 50 diapers

From 12 to 25 kg

Size XL, available in packs of 20 or 50 diapers

Pants From 9 to 14 kg

Size L, Available in packs of 20 diapers

Pants From 12 to 17 kg

Size XL, Available in packs of 18 Diapers

Pants From 14 to 25 kg

Size XL, Available in packs of 16 diapers