Going everywhere with baby

With its new mother-child range, Marmailles Plus offers several clever and practical accessories to take baby with you everywhere, with ease. Everything becomes easier!

Diaper Bag / cradle 2 in 1

Unbelievable! The Marmailles Plus diaper bag can be transformed into a cradle at any time, and in a few seconds.
No need for lots of baggage anymore: your new crib / baby bag will make life easier wherever you go with baby!

Waist belt baby carrier

Say goodbye to back pain: the Marmailles Plus waist belt carrier allows you to carry your child naturally on the hip without any back strain!
Your baby is comfortably and securely seated on the ultra-lightweight seat of the belt.
Your spine remains straight and is no longer deformed: your back is relieved.

Maximum load: about 17kg/strong>

Foldable changing mattress

Saves space for maximum comfort! The Marmailles Plus foldable changing mattress allows changing baby on a hygienic and comfortable surface, wherever you are. 
Bring it with you while you are out. It does not take more space than a towel and is easily washed.