The Marmailles Plus Quality Guarantee

Like you, the quality of products used by and for your baby is at the heart of our concerns. Therefore Marmailles Plus strives to ensure and guarantee quality and unbeatable safety.
The professionals know it too: the Marmailles Plus range is available exclusively in pharmacies and drugstores of the island.

Safe production, strict controls

Throughout the production line, Marmailles Plus pays particular attention to quality, in compliance with the law and beyond.
From the moment of design, we select the best materials and ingredients to develop our range and refuse the use of hazardous substances such as bisphenol A, parabens or phenoxyethanol.
Then we perform a series of tests at every production phase, lead by an independent laboratory, ensuring the safety of our products. Dermatological tests, bacteriological, chemical and toxicological checks … We do not play with baby’s health!

A Symbiose Médical brand

Marmailles Plus is a brand of Symbiose Médical, a company based in Reunion, specialising in providing materials as well as medical and paramedical devices.
Hundreds of pharmacists, doctors, hospitals and clinics trust Symbiose Médical. Why not you?

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